1. Art request - Contact us
  2. Revisions/Art approval - Must have written, emailed approval of job before proceeding
  3. Sizing/Quantities Turn time is usually 14 days from this point. You will be contacted if there is any delay.
  4. Pricing = Quote 
  5. Artwork Prepress - Film Positives of each color
  6. Quality Control Check
  7. Production Prepress - Screen Positives of each color
  8. Print
  9. Quality Control Check
  10. Count & Box
  11. Quality Control Check

How do I get a quote?


Fill out our request a quote form.  We will then proceed into the art/graphics. Once the art is approved then we price items. We do this so we are not pricing every revision.

When completing custom orders there are many considerations that come in to play. 

  • Garment style and cost? Cost of garments fluctuate so we need to price each order.
  • How many ink colors? More ink colors = more cost 
  • How many print locations? Front and back will cost more than just the front since it is twice the work.
  • Quantity? The more you order the cheaper the unit price.
    • Example: 12 shirts = $10 each
    • 250 shirts = $8.50 each
  • Embroidery is more cost than screenprinting and depends on art for accurate pricing

I placed an order online when will I get it?


Timing all depends on the fundraiser campaign. Timing is assigned by band director only so please contact them for delivery dates. Campaigns can run from weeks to months.

Individual order fulfillment does not apply to fundraiser products. The entire band order will be completed at one time and shipped to the school.

Items will not be shipped directly to customers even if shipping address is requested at checkout.

If your schools campaign involves direct shipping allow 2 weeks from end of fundraiser campaign for us to produce products and ship.

MA Signature Series - Allow up to 10 business days to ship

I sent an art request but haven't received anything yet?

Most art orders will be completed within a week. You should receive correspondence from your Sales Rep. If it has been longer or you are in need of a rush please contact our Creative Director Eric Musse, art@marchingapparel.com

We do a high volume of art, many of which are creative/artistic pieces that are graphically intense. Some things can be done in 5 minutes other's cannot. We pride ourselves on our show shirts and packages. We really want to make apparel that people and kids want to wear.